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  1. Unfortunately the last church I was at had one of those signs.Do you go by the formula that a church should not spend more than 50 % on staff? With your formula staffing is an investment in changed lives. I like that.

    1. The main thing about this Bible verse is that God will do something new, which we think is impossible. Rivers in the desert, ways in wild places. Are you able to see this? God is doing the same in our hearts: where we are dry, Jesus promises us to give us living water (Jn 4), or a fountains welling up in us by the Holy Spirit (Jn 7).
      The church (the representative of God’s children) should be connected to this Source of Life. I hope that the church you visited showed, what they promoted on the banner. If not, find a place where this is true (and there are many!!)
      Some churches can focus on organisation and it could well be that activities (man at work) and organisation take over Gods working and being dependant on God. The difference is the very source from which the activities come. It is not wrong to organise this, of course.
      In the church where I am located we don’t invest in staff or buildings, but in mission work, reaching out to our fellow citizens in need, etc.

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